Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Skin In The Game"

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To: Friends and Supporters

From: Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families

Date: Monday, April 7, 2008

“Skin In The Game”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have gotten into considerable trouble
lately for embellishing their personal stories. In contrast, Senator John
McCain has demonstrated a remarkable degree of humility in recent speeches.
Rather than refusing to recognize his faults, he has owned up to them,
which is highly unusual for self-aggrandizing politicians in today’s media-
intense culture.

Far from suggesting that he is the “political messiah” we need with the
solutions to every problem, McCain acknowledges that he has been an
“imperfect public servant,” who has made mistakes. A Washington Times
reporter wrote, “Coming at the end of two terms from President Bush, who
almost never admits to an error in judgment or action, Mr. McCain’s public
introspection was startlingly frank.”

Some critics might be tempted to dismiss last week’s series of speeches as
just the political rhetoric of a candidate trying to “reinvent” himself for
the general election. I disagree. After winning the New Hampshire
primary, Senator McCain said:

“I learned long ago that serving only oneself is a petty and unsatisfying
ambition. But serve a cause greater than self-interest and you will know a
happiness far more sublime than the fleeting pleasure of fame and fortune.
For me that greater cause has always been my country, which I have served
imperfectly for many years, but have loved without any reservation every
day of my life.

I am grateful beyond expression for the prospect that I
might serve her a little while longer.”

Yesterday’s New York Times also explored another aspect of Senator McCain’s
humility. In a 2,700 word report, the Times delved into the service of
Lance Corporal Jimmy McCain, the senator’s 19 year-old son, who joined the
Marines at the age of 17, and recently returned from Iraq . (The senator
also has 21 year-old son, Jack McCain, who is attending the Naval Academy ,
and an older son, Doug, who was a Navy pilot.)

The love of God and Country is clearly a value cherished in the McCain
family, and the senator has steadfastly refused to exploit his son’s
service in Iraq as a political prop, even when it might be politically
expedient to do so. In my view, that speaks volumes about the senator’s
integrity and character, especially when he talks about the necessity of
victory in Iraq and when he refers to the evil of Islamofascism as “the
transcendent challenge of our time.”

Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, a Democrat, told the New York Times
that Senator McCain has, “... to use a gambler’s term, skin in the game.
It’s among the most important things that people want to know about John
McCain in trying to decide whether or not to trust him.”

Over the weekend, one of Barack Obama’s supporters, liberal talk show host
Ed Schultz, called Senator McCain a “warmonger.” Liberals never learn.
The Left said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. Whether it was the
Soviets in Reagan’s day or radical Iranian Holocaust deniers today, the
Left always assumes the worst about America and hopes for the best when
dealing with our enemies.

Thankfully, the American people have demonstrated more commonsense when it
comes to choosing a president to answer that 3:00 AM phone call. Americans
tend to trust the man with “skin in the game,” who knows what he believes
and who has confidence in our country.

I believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will become yet another sad
footnote in American history by joining the long list of defeatist
Democrats rejected at the ballot box – Hubert Humphery, George McGovern,
Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and John Kerry.

Bill & Hillary’s Tax Returns

The Clintons sure have done well under the American capitalist system they
love to bash in their populist speeches. Their newly released tax returns
show that the dynamic duo brought in $109 million from 2000 to 2007. Not
too shabby at all! By any reasonable standard, that makes them rich, and
as we know from the campaign speeches of John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi and Ted
Kennedy – the rich in America are the problem.

I’m being sarcastic, of course. But it never ceases to amaze me how much
hypocrisy there is on the political Left. I remember how badly the Left
bashed Ronald Reagan after he made a few bucks when he left the White
House. But compared to the Clinton money machine, Reagan was in the minor

Hillary and Bill are promising us that if we send them back to the White
House, they will raise taxes on the “rich.” Unfortunately, they don’t
define that word as only those who made $109 million in seven years. No,
when the taxes go up, a whole lot of Americans will discover that the class
warriors of Washington , D.C. , are very inclusive when it comes to “soaking
the rich.”

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