Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney Suspends Candidacy For Republican Party

As you all know by now, a well respected candidate has step out of the race for President of the United States of America. This man more concerned with the direction of his country, Mitt Romney decided he would rather that the Republican party proceed to the White House and sacrifice his own candidacy than see the U.S. fail in the hands of the Democratic Candidates.

Here is a link to his site which thanks those who voted for him, helped him in promoting and driving his candidacy forward, his staff, etc.

Websites independently promoting Mitt Romney in other countries have produced harsh words of criticism, illuminating that he was railroaded from the beginning. Unfortunately, these comments will not help us now that the deed has been done. However, looking past these comments you see those who really cared for Mitt Romney, his campaign, and the greater good of our nation, as our actions affect every nation on a global scale.

"Here is what I wish for you now America, you proud arrogant nation, I hope you get a McCain Huckabee ticket, and I hope it goes all the way, I want you to taste the ramifications of your decisions. This may be a surprise to you, but this isn't a highschool popularity contest, well at least it should not have been, but you treated it as though it was, voting McCain most likely to succeed, Huckabee the most spiritual, and Romney got best eyes and hair. Well guess what, you are choosing a president of your country, actually you were supposed to, instead what you've found is a puppet. Either McCain, Obama, or Clinton will all be figureheads with a whole administrations agenda running their actions."
Canadians For Mitt

To know the history behind the man, Mitt Romney, here is a link that may tell his story in details you have probably never heard.
The Making of Mitt Romney

I could go on about my own opinions, that he would be the best President for the U.S. and than I don't know where we go from here. However, so many have expressed opinion and at this point opinion is only more words that you would read and wonder why I wrote them when there is no chance that he will be the next President.

The remainder of this Presidential Race for the White House shall be an interesting road. No one really knows the direction our country will take or the policies that may affect us once the new President resides in the White House.

One thing is certain. The path of the United States of America has never been this winding, this divided, this potentially nefarious in its history. I wonder what the Founding Fathers say as they are watching this from the other side. I'm sure they are shaking their heads in disgust because this country far from the path that will keep our Constitution intact.


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