Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Armed In The USA

One of my readers requested information on statistics of the percentage of times that people who own guns use them to protect their families compared to the percentage of family members injured by guns in their home.

Here are some helpful statistics and some resources for further information.

Statistics, Facts and Quotes

..."FACT: Contrary to popular belief, young children do possess the physical strength to fire a gun: 25% of 3 to 4 year olds, 70% of 5 to 6 year olds, and 90% of 7 to 8 year olds can fire most handguns."

..."FACT: In 2002, a total of 828 young Americans ages 10-19 committed suicide with firearms, a decrease of 11% from the 2001 total of 928 youth gun suicides. Unlike suicide attempts using other methods, suicide attempts with guns are nearly always fatal, meaning a temporarily depressed teenager will never get a second chance at life. Nearly two-thirds of all completed teenage suicides involve a firearm."

..."FACT: The firearms used in 72% of unintentional firearm deaths and injuries, and in firearm suicide attempts and completions, for people ages 0-19 were stored in the residence of the victim, their relative, or their friend."

..."FACT: 59% of students in grades six through twelve know where to get a gun if they want one, and two thirds of these students say they can acquire a firearm within 24 hours"

..."FACT: While handguns account for only one-third of all firearms owned in the United States, they account for more than two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths each year. A gun in the home is 4 times more likely to be involved in an unintentional shooting, 7 times more likely to be used to commit a criminal assault or homicide, and 11 times more likely to be used to attempt or commit suicide than to be used in self-defense."

Guns In America

Guns In The Wrong Hands (i.e., Terrorists)

Coalition for Gun Control
(Canada comparing statistics to show that owning guns does not solve crime)

Arming For Self Protection Does not Work
"The easiest response to suggestions that Canadian civilians need guns to protect themselves is to look south to the US to see where arming for self protection leads. While rates of violence in the US are comparable to countries such as Canada, Australia and Great Britain, rates of lethal violence are much higher. For example, murders without guns in the US are about 40% higher (1.4 times the rate) than in Canada while murders WITH handguns are 1500% higher (15 times the rate)."

Alternate Self-Defense/Protection Options

"The statistics are staggering: 95,000 rapes reported every year in the U.S., 875,000 assaults, and 400,000 other violent crimes. Choose the most advanced personal safety solution on the market - the Avurt ™ IM-5 ™ gun.
The Avurt IM-5 gun is a small, handheld unit that shoots up to five PAVA filled projectiles at attackers up to 40 feet away. It's non-lethal, easy to use, and highly effective at disabling attackers before they get close enough to do you harm."

Statistics, Gun Control Issues, and Safety

I know there are many differing view points/opinions on gun issues. I have not made up my mind on which one is correct or incorrect. I find myself split between protection and the dangers involved in gun ownership. I am personally siding more on the protection end, however, once I found the alternative gun units, there are other thoughts of protection that have gone through my mind that may take the place of the standard gun.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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