Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bush Dowded...Another form of terrorism?

It's one thing to doubt that The President of the United States of America...President doing his job well.

It is quite another to campaign against him...especially when you are the former political strategist and former Bush advisor, Matthew Dowd.

Los Angeles Times (, please see link, provides quite an insight into Matthew Dowd and his ventures to change the global view regarding President Bush and his administration.

What Matthew Dowd leaves out is that The President of the United States, no matter who it is, is always going to be the "fall guy" for the people working for him.

For example, let's take the story I posted last night.

If Congress tries to push through a bill with a bunch of extra spending ("pork") attached to it and it is necessary to, let's just say, get the military the money they need...the President is going to be inclined to sign it.

Congress has the President "hog-tied" with their "pork fat".

Who do you think is going to be the "fall-guy" when the administration is complete and found it pertinent to pass through certain bills to make critical things possible?

President Bush!...President Bush's Administration!

Isn't that insane?

Of course, becoming The President of the United States of America, Bush knows that he'll be blamed for anything that goes wrong and not given credit for much that goes right.

That is the nature of being the president of a country.

That is the nature of being a leader.

Dowd's self-esteem is seemingly affecting his every relationship based on how he is conducting himself. Matthew Dowd needs to turn the tables inward and redistribute the wealth of the blame.

Dowd needs to stop terrorizing the current administration, people he used to advise, used to have a person-to-person connection with.

Campaigning against President Bush and his administration? ...

Another form of terrorism? ...

Of course...YES!

Would you want the responsibility of being President, Mr. Dowd?

If not...try to open your eyes and shut your mouth (or stop typing).
Being a leader means leading people...even if the leader has people like Matthew Dowd on their staff who are willing to stab them in the back at their first opportunity to make a buck.

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