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Sunday, May 22, 2016

JUNE 6, 2016

Random interesting stuff with the significance of JUNE 6, 2016...

  • #1 June 6, 2016 is being looked at as 666
(see below for more information)

  • #2 Atheist Pride Day, D-Day

  • #3 A rare astrological alignment of Venus behind the Sun

  • #4 One Jubilee of 49 years after the Israelis took back over East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

  • #5 The Egyptian pyramids will provide direction to Bethlehem (supposedly regarding a descending shift, anti-messiah)

  • #6 Will be the start to WWIII after Europe closes its boarders to refugees (it will primarily be with China and Russia against U.S.)
Regarding #1

"Daniel: 7 The USA and Obama

‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it. The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. 

After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time."


"No Trump Presidency 2016-2019 Obama Antichrist

The research for David Montaigne's previous book (End Times and 2019) leads him to conclude that the first three and a half years, although full of problems like earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars – will not be intense enough to make anyone assume the world is ending. Only the second three and a half years will clearly be “great tribulation.” That being said, the final seven years already began on December 21, 2012 – when plans were made for the “Covenant of Peoples” tour in Israel and the Mayan Long Count ended. When Daniel talks about a midpoint halfway through these seven years, I believe he is referring to June 2016. The duration of his first time period is repeated often using different phrases to avoid possible misinterpretation. “Time, times, and half a time” are considered to be three and a half years, or 42 months, or “1260 days” using 42 months of 30 days each. Adding Daniel’s next number of “1290 days” gets us within a few days of an exact seven years in total – but it still leaves us with an extra 3 days of darkness to add to each half to reach an exact seven years. The two witnesses will lie dead in the street for three days at the end of the second half. I believe the extra 3 days at the end of the first three and a half years can be explained by an assassination attempt on the Antichrist exactly 1260 days into Daniel’s 70th week on June 3, 2016. He will appear to be mortally wounded at first, but in a tragic mockery of Christ’s resurrection, he will rise fully healed 3 days later, and present himself at the site of the Temple in Jerusalem as God on earth on June 6, 2016.

As on earth, so it is in heaven: when the Antichrist enters the Temple, Venus appears to enter the Sun. The Morningstar (Lucifer/Antichrist=Venus) enters the Temple (goes directly behind the Sun/altar of fire in the Temple.) As the Sun also represents Christ, and Venus is on the opposite (anti-) side we have our astronomical Antichrist in the right position. This is a rare event that happens on just 9 days every 105 years… And even the date fits activity for the Antichrist – the sixth day of the sixth month of a year ending in six – the only 6-6-6 date during the entire tribulation.

The odds of Venus going behind the sun on any given day are about 9/(105*365.25) – about 1 in 4261 odds. It only happens on a 6-6-6 date one day out of every 15,563,302 days. That means on average it would not happen again like this for about 42,611 years. It is a VERY rare sign.

There are many other clues pointing to this date which require a more detailed explanation. The easiest one to explain in this short article is the JUBILEE.

In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites to let the land rest every 7 years and have a Sabbath year. After 7 Sabbath years, they were also told to celebrate a jubilee year. Every 49 years, debts were forgiven, slaves were freed, and land which had been “sold” (leased really, the prices were even based on how many years were left before the next jubilee) reverted back to its original owner. This was to remind them that GOD owned the land and the people.

What better date could be chosen by someone standing at the temple in Jerusalem claiming to be God – than the date exactly one jubilee after the Israeli army liberated East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount? The Israelis entered East Jerusalem on June 6, 1967, and by morning had taken back the entire city, including the Temple Mount. Forty-nine years later we have June 6, 2016, when the Antichrist will try to mimic Christ and claim that it is time for possession of the land and the people to revert back to him. Many Christians expect the Second Coming at the end of a jubilee cycle, and notice that Daniel’s 70 sevens of years (490 years as described in Daniel 9:24-27) equals ten jubilee cycles and would end with the tenth jubilee. In the Jewish commentaries known as the Talmud, Elijah says “on the last Jubilee the Son of David will come.” (Sanhedrin 97b) Though the Antichrist will show up in the middle of Daniel’s final week of years, and not on a biblical jubilee – he will try to claim that he is our Messiah and that he fulfills this prophecy – on June 6, 2016.

My previous book (End Times and 2019) briefly addresses this as the midpoint of the final seven years, but its focus is really on the final events of December 2019. For more on the events of June 6, 2016 – including the identity of the Antichrist – read Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate.

— contributed by David Montaigne, author of End Times and 2019 and Antichrist 2016-2019

and (as of November 2015) The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016?

This newest little e-book on the Two Witnesses is a short and inexpensive introduction to my timeline of events, which explains: “When my first books came out, I knew I was still missing something if my timeline didn’t perfectly align with the 1260, 1290, and 1335 day periods in the book of Daniel. I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle regarding the two witnesses (I already had it before and hadn’t recognized the significance of it) and now I know my timeline already was perfectly aligned with Daniel’s numbers…“
His prediction is Barrak Obama on 6-6-2016 !"
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Regarding #2

Here is more on this...CLICK HERE

Regarding #3
"Venus at superior solar conjunction
Mon, 06 Jun 2016 at 14:15 PDT

From our vantage point on the Earth, Venus will appear very close to the Sun in the sky as it passes around the far side of the solar system from the Earth.

At closest approach, Venus and the Sun will appear at a separation of only 0°00', making Venus totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun's glare.

Venus will also pass apogee – the time when it is most distant from the Earth – within a few days of the same time, since it will lie exactly opposite to the Earth in the Solar System. It will move to a distance of 1.74 AU from the Earth, making it appear small and very distant. If it could be observed, it would measure 9.6 arcsec in diameter, whilst appearing completely illuminated.

Venus's reaching superior conjunction marks the end of its apparition in the morning sky and its transition to become an evening object over the next few weeks.

...the superior planet is "in opposition" to the Sun as seen from the inferior planet.

He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

2 Thessalonians 2:4 
Regarding #4
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Regarding #5
Here is more on this one...CLICK HERE
Regarding #6
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama Transgender Blackmail Decree

Everyone on the planet now knows that Obama overreached his office by sending out a decree that...well you know now that it was basically blackmailing the public education facilities that the federal moneys would be withheld if those directed in the decree didn't comply.  Ever wonder what the motive of this is.  I mean, it is a huge push for a very small part of the population that has need of mental attention before they need a bathroom for their identified gender.

Here is what my theory is.  You can say I don't have a clue, but be careful what you say.

Michelle Obama is a man...a transgender male...a male who is identifying as a female, as the First Lady. I mean no disrespect.  Just an observation that didn't just start with myself.

Watch my block get blacklisted...I don't care.  I am a person of truth and light and I see things and must report.

Here are observations that I have found online that are similar to my own. Think about it and then think of the decree.

One other thing to think about is...where are the pictures of Mrs. Obama being pregnant? What about baby pictures of her? I know a doctored birth certificate is out there that shows her name as Michelle when she was born, but it clearly is doctored.

Time to be ready. Big things are on their way.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

EMP Attack Ready? North Korea. Russia. Iran. China. Who Will Strike First?

Sometimes I just have to post a blog to get the anxiety out of my system from the news of current events from my sources.

It's becoming quite alarming to know that what we thought our reality was is just smoke and mirrors! Even when I think that I am aware and not one of the sheeple, here comes more information that causes a bit of panic.

#Russia is testing #nuclear weapons that can destroy an entire continent and they are working with #China and #Iran against the #UnitedStates.

#NorthKorea is hiding ICBMs so they are more capable than we thought. That is why the U.S., South Korea, and Japan are holding drills to prepare for the inevitable.

The best I can say about this is that you should be prepared for anything.  Things are not at all what they seem. Society is being changed bit by bit in an ever exponentially faster if you hadn't noticed (after all you are smart enough to read my blog:)

Don't believe that the #Illuminati is real?

Here's the founder...Click Here

Watch below to see what they may have in store for us.  Hint: It's big and you may want to "Run Away"!...especially if you are in NY!!

One thing to really pay attention to is the pictures because they are showing that the Illuminati is taking credit for all of those horrible events.

Another thing to notice is that it starts with "Designated Locations", which I assume represent locations that are going to get hit with horrible events or that represent locations that are in the pictures.  I also believe that it has to do with which #'s the guy stops at in the process.

Also, be ready at 1pm (darkness is on top of the Yin Yang next to the clock) for a wave across the Earth caused by an EMP:)  I'm only partially jesting.

Notice that all of the dates they list.
May 1 = Important day for Illuminati, Luciferians, Satanists.
April 19 = Fire sacrifice for the above
September 11 = not significant in the above except that they celebrated in the announcement of the killing of Bin Laden on May 1st.

September 11th was a planned event...remember the Matrix?  It was in 1999 but look at his ID.

Here is information translated from a site that I believe is German regarding the above commercial #231134421 Be Ready.

Monday, November 11, 2013 11:04
Tempers on the Internet are quite occupied because of another strange website.
When you land on it, it starts to play a video that is made clear professional.

Updated: November 11, 2013 We stayed the last time a 404 error code in which the source code indicating a new number. Several people have unraveled, what yields the following message: Page not found 8 19 7 0 18 1 4 6 20 13 Has translated: a = 0 b = 1 c = 2 etc ..... IT HAS ENCOURAGES It started. However, the story has not ended. There is so left and right complained abroad to popular threads on this topic on forums like Godlike Productions without reason been removed by the moderators, as shown here. That's odd, because what would be the reason that these discussions neck should disappear over heels? something Meanwhile, there is again news on the website . The symbol of Freemasonry with the All Seeing Eye with the message below:. Restricted Access, Authorised personal only, with a login screen somewhere in the many discussions abroad, we came across the following message. It's someone who says he is not related to the mysterious website, but which we feel that this is indeed here is involved. He sounds like he belongs in the elite and makes it clear that anyone who strays from the original video astray is. Furthermore, it is not intended to send a simple message to the world that everyone will understand. "If it was that simple, why would it be encrypted," he said then: "The video was deliberately designed so that the majority of, however, people will not understand the message in such a way that those who need to understand the message this will do it. " I'm simply enforcing the message to not get distracted and to think within the boundaries of logic and reality. I've seen comments from some who've Decided to abandon any outside influence (zoals jam lip balm and a year or so old 28th amendment movement) and stick to ONLY using the original video. This is what the video by Means do not get distracted. There is only one unchanging constant here, and you've all abandoned it in favor of something a bit easier. I'm talking of course about 'it has begun, "the site you were led to by a numerical code a well trained dolphin could've deciphered. From the moment the original video went down to make way for the 404 message and the remedial hidden code, the source code of the website changed to enable GA (Google Analytics) to track page views and social media interaction (for anyone foolish enough to still be using the likes of Facebook and Twitter). You can question my legitimacy all you want! I'd expect nothing less. I'm not obliged to reveal anything, and it would be incredibly counter-intuitive to do so. Remember thatthis was not about me, this is about the video. Use your misplaced anger as motivation to Either decode the video (claustrophobia-which are still solves this after weeks of repeated viewings, would be a futile endeavor) or find something else to do. This is not about giving one message, easily decoded, to everyone in the world. If It Were, WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT IN IT CODING I ASK YOU. This video is purpose made ​​fully So THAT the majority of people WILL NOT get the message, and so That the Intended recipients will. A "some type" as I've seen described here. I will end now, as I fear I'm no longer explaining my position on the video, but simply explaining how common sense works ... If you do not wanna take this message into, then do not. I want neither infamy nor any kind of psychological profit / gain. I'm here to point the rest of Those Who are capable in the right direction. The reason I am so cryptic? Those who are capable do not NEED me to tell them exactly where to look or what to look for, They just need to know something is there and the rest They can work out for them selves, otherwise They are NOT CAPABLE. Get it? If we just assume that the secret is in fact the original video as the man sets above, the following list might be useful. It is an overview of the events in the order as they come on the second video between 19 and 35. 23.12.1783 General George Washington resigns his commission, New York, New York, USA 04/14/1865 Assassination of US President Lincoln, Washington, DC, USA 07/30/1916 Black Tom Explosion, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 16/09/1920 Wall Street bombing, New York, New York, USA 28/08/1937 Bloody Sunday, photograph of a crying baby, Shanghai, China 01/01/1959 Fidel castro celebrates success Cuban Revolution, Cuba 11/22/1963 Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, Dallas, Texas, USA 21/04/1972 Astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot of the Apollo 16 mission, Moon 29/12/1975 LaGuardia Airport bombing, New York, New York, USA 19/04/1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 09.11.2001 September 11 attacks WTC towers, New York, New York, USA 09.11.2001 September 11 attacks Pentagon, Washington, DC, USA 26/10/2001 Signing of the Patriot Act by US President George W. Bush, Washington, DC, USA 05.24.2004 Premiere of "Day After Tomorrow" by Roland Emmerich, New York, New York, USA2010.04.20 Deepwater Horizon explosion, Gulf or Mexico 07/20/2012 2012 Aurora shooting, Aurora, Colorado, USA 14/12/2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Sandy Hook, Connecticut, USA 04/14/2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 07/26/2013 60 year anniversary North- / South Korean armistice, North Korean Parade, North Korea One event is missing:. The German Army on it's way to Warsaw ... I still do not know where and When it was taken exactly Until now there has been no one to has put forward a solution where everyone says, "Yes, that's it." That does not, of course not to say that would not knock the previously put forward suggestions. All in all, we declare this time the riddle yet as "resolved". Update: November 6, 2013 We now give out the latest development concerning this mysterious website and then we give all readers comments again (thanks everyone!). Now if you go to the website , you get the following message: Error 404 Page Not found The page you have been looking for does not exist. Unfortunately, end of story, website way you think. However, that is not the case. He is still just, just stands there now above message to bring people into thinking that the site is gone. If, instead, the source code of the page looks, you will see that besides the above message is displayed even slightly. Just that happens in the color white so it is invisible from the same background color.That message is again a number: 8 19 7 0 18 1 4 6   20 13 The plot thickens! O those who have an idea. Readers mummy bear: Ever thought about a phone number? Turn only once for a 0: 023-1134421 Would the "3" can not stand for FEMA-3 region? I think is FEMA-3 region in the vicinity of Washington DC and New York. Yes, there is that man again won the socks. I stand by my claim and persevere even in this. afternoon / evening I will substantiate my vision confident that with sufficient confidence in the reality, it will be sent to America by specifying to and address. Because if I'm right, I'm the last of the Mohicans who wrote history on this planet. But I can already say that the three films shown here are not equal to each other! Very small difference, but still a difference! The difference in the date 25 October 26 has to think by posting on another server none October 25, the server: DAVE.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM PAM.NS.CLOUDEFLARE.COM 2 October 6, the server NS.US it noted in particular that both server not availabel, weird huh !!! !! a greeting, until this afternoon or tonight, I continue to greet you with a gilmlach! I had not looked for a while on your site and today first saw the article: Mysterious warning illuminati? Actually everything I have to read, but the first thing that occurred to me was that the figures might represent coordinates. If you have 2 31 13 44 21 in GoogleEarth enter you find yourself in an area near the Somali capital Mogadishu and Baledogle Airport. Maybe you have something with this information ....Sorry to you again pester but if you put the spaces in a different place ...... 23 11 34 42 1 you come out in Saudi Arabia between Mecca and Medina. The following video that we were sent by a reader, has an interesting theory. According to the creator of the video is a warning of tidal waves caused by a planet five times larger than the Earth. He says that FEMA is sitting behind the Illuminati message. The reason would be that if they publish this news through a press conference, would hit the world in a total panic. Hence only a warning for people who are smart enough to see the message."

I put in 231134421 on Google Earth and got a company called in New York.  The other numbers came up with multiple things but then I came across (from using one of the numbers listed on the cryptic commercial), this declassified document.

Click Here for document.
Then, there's this (a bit out there)...

The other commercial that I found interesting is this one...

If you will notice, it kind of represents a pole shift and they are reaching for the cross in the end.
That is super interesting to me, as well as super important!

With all of this, and with all of the speeding up of the signs of the #End Times, it is certain to make you panic and feel uneasy.  #Faith and #preparedness is all we have, as well as arming ourselves with as much #knowledge from a variety of sources as we can get.

Be Aware.  Be Ready.  Be Prepared.